Based on my old unpublished stories of The Magicians

The Magicians

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen," a disembodied voice on the stage of a magic show said, "Abracadabra!" the voice said and the frame of a tall handsome black haired man in a tux and top hat materialized. "I am Blake Fire", a brunette man in a tux and top hat walked on stage "and he Is my assistant Max Starfire!"
"I am your partner grandead!" Max hissed.
"Enough Max! I'll sick a vampire hunter on you and your wife the queen of vampires;" Blake snapped back.
"I thought you loved your granddaughter Blake," Max said as he pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
"I do but vampires are a pain in the neck!" Blake snapped as he did a rope trick.
"More Paper work as a coroner with the police and the grim Reaper I suppose!" Max retorted like a barb.
" Actually yes! The paper work is hell!," Blake said pulling a bunch of flowers out of thin air.
"I thought so bureaucrat to the last" said Max laughing.
"Someone has to tidy up the mess you leave behind," Blake said doing a magic trick.
"Well with out us life would be boring," said Max smiling charmingly.
A ghost walked on stage Blake looked frustrated.
"What the hell this place isn't haunted! Max is this your work!" Blake snapped,
"No!" Max said confused.
"I heard you spoke to the dead so I came!" said the ghost.
"Great another one what do you want!" Blake grumbled.
"I hear you know the sorcerer Blake Alexander known as Blue Midnight," the ghost said.
"He is him!" Max said.
"That's real magic not a stage trick?" the ghost asked.
"I'm over worked I moonlight as a stage magician!" Blake said,
"I'm busy what do you want!"
"An autograph!" the ghost said.
"Our ghost is a stage door Johny!" Max said laughing.
"You want an autograph?" Blake said skeptically."show me your paper first,"
"He's a bureaucrat to the bone!" Max laughed.
"You have to be!" Blake said reading the fine print he thought might be there.
"I the over signed will not take the under signed to the other world." read Blake frowning, "I knew it was fishy! He knew who I was he just wanted to haunt his wife"
"How did you know I didn't tell you that!" the ghost said.
"Hey I'm a sorcerer I read minds I've been talking to Max in his head for the whole show no one in the audience can hear us and I am a necromancer I read ghost's minds. I sensed you were here I am hiding you from the audience!" Blake said "stay there I'll take you for processing when the show finishes."
"How can he hear me?" the ghost asked.
"Oh him he's dead! My friend is a vampire and a sorcerer he is as good as a necromancer!" Blake explained  " and he has a neck fetish!"
"Hey!" Max said offended.
"Just it saying as it is," Blake said.
"Where is the other world anyway?" the ghost asked.
"You are going there it's in his backyard!" Max said.
"His backyard?" the ghost asked.
"Yes it is Elysian my back yard," Blake said." shows done "
Blake walked off stage in to a cupboard and dropped dead out of the cupboard walked the grim reaper to take the ghost to his backyard.
"Bye Mortimer!" said Max  to the reaper Mortimer as they left.

The Haunting of the Necromancer

The Necromancer knocked on the door of the office of his father the king of the grim reapers nervously.
"Come in," he heard his father shout back. He walked in the paperwork filled office to see his dad signing and reading papers with a quill and ink.
"Glad to see you give me an excuse to put the pen down. I hate this pen," the grand reaper said he looked like a man at that time.
"then why not use a Biro," asked his son.
"Fate says we must use a quill and ink to keep up the Gothic look of the place," said the grand reaper, " he likes to have his way as you know."
"Yes," said the Necromancer.
"What brings you to my dingy little office," said the grand reaper.
"I was told of something you should know about," said the Necromancer, "an Illegal haunting,"
"I will deal with it," said the grand reaper, "tell me about it."

"Well it is in my home," said the Necromancer.
"Your home? how? why?" asked his father.
"One of fate's chosen to die-" the Necromancer said only to be interrupted by his father.
"The ghost of one of your victims followed you home did they," asked the grand reaper.
"yes, and he's not moving on he's terrorizing my family," said the Necromancer.
"And your children have no powers," said the grand reaper, "so it bothers them most,"
"Yes they see their dad as a dork talking about magic and ghosts being sent to the other side," said the Necromancer.
"Then granddad will visit and we can get the ghost," said the Grand reaper.

There was a knock on the door of the Home of the Necromancer.
"Who is it?" asked Lance Alexander.
"Avon calling!" a voice returned.
"Dad?" asked Lance.
"Of course!" grumbled Blake Alexander, "Let me in, boy,"
Lance let him in.
"You ready?:" asked Lance.
"I am always ready," Blake said.
"Your Grand dad's here children," called Lance's wife.
Out ran Lance's two teenage children.
"Look it's the dork and super dork, said Lance Junior seeing their dad and grandad.
"I am not super dork they call me Blue Midnight," said Blake offended, " and he's The Enchanter we are sorcerers."
"Whatever!" Junior replied.
"You are the biggest fakers magic is not real it is just a trick!" Kristine Lance's daughter said.
"We are not fake any things!" said Lance.
"I could debate that with you," said Blake.
"Don't go there in front of my children Grandead!" said Lance.
"Where is the ghost?" Blake said changing the subject.
"Him he's watching the tv," said Junior.
"Watching tv?" Blake said skeptically.
"Yeah!" said Kristine.
"What's on is it The Munsters?" asked Blake.
"No, not now that's over he's watching Neighbours," said Junior
"You sure this isn't the Munsters!" Blake asked.
"No! Come with me," Lance said coldly to his dad.
They wandered into the living room the ghost was sitting in Lance's favorite chair watching Neighbours in an eerie scene.
Blake huffed "This is the stupidest haunting I have ever seen you only want him gone to get your seat back!"
The ghost looked at them.
"Necromancer who's your friend?" the ghost asked.
"He's your worst nightmare," said Lance darkly.
Blake ran into the room and sat on the couch eagerly watching the tv.
"Now I have a ghost and a grim reaper in my lounge room!" said Lance Infuriated.
"A Grim reaper where?" asked the ghost in horror.
"Me, the grand reaper,", said. Blake more engrossed in the television than the ghost who he saw as no problem.
"Grand reaper what's that?" the ghost asked.
"Another name for a couch potato!" Lance hissed,
"King of the Grim reapers he's meant to get rid of you!"
"Oh he's no bother he has good taste! Anyone who likes Neighbours is alright with me" Blake said.
"You watch that tripe!" said Lance Blake winked.
"See what I mean!" Blake said  Then Blake and the ghost laughed.
Lance stood peeked.
"If you won't help I'll get rid of him myself!" shouted Lance his features growing darker. "Dork why you shouting," said Junior walking in the room.
"Junior! get out of here! Daddy's taking the ghost to the other side!" said Lance.
"Yeah right dork!" said Junior who sat on the couch next to the reaper and watched the show.
"He's in this episode is he," said Junior excitedly. seeing an actor in the show.
"Yes, yes this is what I need!" Lance said sarcastically.
Lance walked up to the ghost.
"Get out of the way I can't see the tv!" the ghost complained.
"Get out of his way, boy," Blake hissed.
Lance rolled his eyes.
"You are dead come with me!" said Lance In a voice so funny it made Junior laugh.
"I wanna watch this!" said the ghost standing up.
"quit it stop using the voice let him watch this!" Blake said.
"He is a ghost he shouldn't be watching soapies!" said Lance.
"Dork!: snapped Junior in protest.
After the show finished Lance talked his dad into letting him take the ghost to the other side. Lance's children after that called Lance the mega dork.

Copyright Rachel Lawson Poet