Paige Turner Nom de Plume of Rachel Lawson. Rachel was born in Melbourne, Australia to an English mother and Australian father where she lives. She started writing young and loved English and Literature classes where she had an excuse to write her school essays and stories always had a picture on and had a book cover layout. She was first introduce to poems in literature class and he love for them grew from there. She loves the work of Emilly Dickensen, Poe and other poets. She mostly writes poetry on a site called allpoetry.com and reads other's work there. In author's words on her writing style from her poem The Flow of Magical Words. "I love words, which pour easily from my pen, when I put pen to paper a world of words does open, it flows on the page it's soul mate, though no one can read the scrawl of words which well inside and opens a gate, out comes beauty, rhymes of passion, sage words and gloom, rhyming poem, deathly prose dark as the hand of doom, the right word is magic in my hand, like a lover sigh lightly fanned."

Copyright Rachel Lawson Poet